Lösung für unterwegs

Lösung für unterwegs

The new VibroGo from Polytec: Laser vibration measurement for mobile use with real-time data monitoring

VibroGo is the laser vibration measurement technology for on-the-go use - from research and field studies to condition monitoring of machines and plants. Now a new feature ensures that the first portable laser vibrometer can store measurement data directly on the device and display it live and for subsequent analysis on the display or via web browser.  

VibroGo measures the real vibration behaviour, acoustics and dynamics of excited structures contact-free and flexibly with a wide frequency bandwidth from DC to 320 kHz. With data recorder and on-board data viewer, it becomes a completely self-sufficient measurement system on the go. The outstanding resolution and the high linearity over the entire measuring range are what make this mobile precision measuring device stand out. VibroGo is a powerful tool for research, product development and quality assurance and helps to get to the bottom of phenomena of dynamics and acoustics in nature and technology.

Align and measure

The auto and remote focus of the VibroGo makes it easy to set up the measurement. The desired measuring range is conveniently selected via touch screen to record vibration velocity, displacement and acceleration. The integrated signal level display as well as high-pass and frequency bandwidth filters ensure high signal quality. Thanks to ASE Adaptive Signal Enhancement, VibroGo measures reliably on all surfaces.

Integrated memory and on-board data analysis

Even when connectivity becomes a challenge, VibroGo measures autonomously on the move and records several hours of vibration measurement data, while results can be checked directly on the unit and settings fine-tuned immediately if necessary. This completely self-sufficient mode ensures that researchers and maintenance staff always return home with valid and meaningful data for further evaluation.

Reliably researching acoustics and dynamics

The new VibroGo is a reliable precision measuring instrument for on-the-go or field use in industry or research. It measures machine vibrations even in hard-to-reach places or in hazardous areas caused by high voltage, temperature or radiation from a safe distance. Users conveniently control the measuring device remotely via Ethernet or wirelessly via WLAN, configure the sensor and transmit their measurement data.

Laser-Schwingungsmesstechnik für unterwegs


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